Episode 6: Watching your weight

(Shonali initially refused to write a response to this saying it was extremely distasteful and not worth replying to. I’m glad she did! Aint she good?)

He says:

Ever heard of a girl who eats her heart out and your whole wallet along with it?
In all probability, very unlikely.

Even if she did, it’s incredibly simple to get her to stop.

Pssst: Move romantically closer to her ears and whisper the magic word: Calories!

Then, just sit back and watch: She’s sure to jump out of her chair, pull her stomach in and rush to the restroom. No prizes for guessing, she’s in there checking her waist praying: Mirror, mirror on the wall, can I ever reduce at all?

I don’t get it. Why are women paranoid about putting on weight?

Yes, agreed, there are guys too β€” the types who believe that the gym is the temple that makes you God.

But that’s just a minority really. Men don’t seem to mind having a little paunch. Some of them, in fact, flaunt their pot-bellies like proud pregnant mothers before the delivery.

The health-conscious decide to burn the beer and the beef by working out the very next day. And the rest know that a few smart lines is all it takes to get the woman find you attractive because women go for brains remember? Or at least they claim so.

Besides, when men are fat, women do seem intelligent enough to realise that there is “more of you to love.”

But to be honest, it’s great that women are figure-conscious.

Men do think that women who watch their weight are super smart. Because, they appreciate and totally dig beauty and attractive women. Besides, what will we men do every time we need a date, but for that adorable babe in the hot dress all dolled up and looking like a billion bucks? Ha ha!

She says:

They say that if Barbie had been a real woman, the only way she would have been able to move with that body structure would have been by crawling.

She must have been thought up by a man.

And she proudly goes on to give women complexes about their appearance even today. But what a lot of men don’t realise is that air brushed magazine models, anorexic ramp walkers and perfectly proportioned movie stars might be the stuff dreams are made up of, but are very likely complete nightmares to date, or live with.

After all, how sweet can you disposition be if you’ve live on a diet of celery, obsess about your skin and hair all day, and spend every waking hour pulverising your body into shape.

No lazy weekends on the beach, no heading out for icecream and hot chocolate after dinner, no sitting up late with cappuccinos and friends. Because, getting sunburnt, putting on a hundred grams or gaining the faintest shadow under your eyes could just be a fate worse than death.

But then, any man who thinks that he’s achieved his very purpose for living when he gains a ‘babe in a hot dress’ hanging off his arm probably isn’t really looking for a girl friend. He’s looking for a trophy.

And as any intelligent woman knows, we’re not trophies. And we’re not decoration.

A beautiful woman lights up a room, not because of her measurements, or an itsy bitsy dress, or because she’s steadfastly refused herself chocolate cake for the past ten years. She’s beautiful because she’s funny, intelligent and glows with self-confidence.

Intelligent woman don’t count calories. And intelligent men don’t expect them to. Beauty, after all, is not only subjective. It’s also just skin deep.


8 responses to “Episode 6: Watching your weight

  1. Karthigeyan

    Kudos Shonali…you just reflected what i felt…good job

  2. Venkatesh Bhat

    Hi, Sudhish Where do you get your topics from man? entertaining though keep it that way.

  3. Smyta

    Another rocking one:-)

    Oh BTW, personally, if I tend to gain weight, I pretend it is my IQ and walk off with a stride!:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  4. Anonymous

    absolute crap…stupid topic….even more stupid argument…..just this post i mean….no offence!!

  5. Anonymous

    love it! dumped my bf becoz he was freakin out on that cheese cake i was soo ejoying! men!!

  6. Anonymous

    i got a little bit of flab myself but nothin stops me

  7. Reshma

    Hats off to shonali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous

    Susish it is so crappy u think that way!!!Shonali u rock girl

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