Of Yogis, Nanganess and String. Or ‘The Art Of Sudhish’

Returned from from an invigorating holiday in the Himalayas to find my blog smothered with naked sadhus thanks to six-foot-high pestilence Sudhish Kamath.
Since I’m now enlightened (hours of silent meditation in Rishikesh, aided by tying and untying your body into yoga knots helps) I understand that this is merely a manifestation of the inmost desires he spends his life desperately trying to hide. I.E. His latent – but insatiable – need to be in the company of scantily clad men.
In hindsight, we should have understood this long ago – right when he started parading around spas wearing nothing but string. (http://www.hindu.com/mp/2008/11/20/stories/2008112050770300.htm)
Sudhish, don’t worry – we feel your pain.
The New and Improved Shonali

PS: My camping ground had bathrooms for your information! I even conditioned my hair. So there.

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