Shonali Muthalaly is The Reluctant Gourmet. She’s a Special Correspondent with The Hindu, Metro Plus and also writes on dance, music, theatre and contemporary culture.
She co-authors He Says, She Says as the independent voice of She Says.
And she has the knack of cultivating stalkers. This space has been created to further their attempts in getting to know their favourite target better…
Hello everybody who stumbles upon this,
This website was a gift from Sudhish Kamath, who delights in concocting stalkers almost as much as he enjoys trashing bad movies. And dreaming up outrageous puns. (Hence the ‘sho-case’ 🙂 )
It’s a collection of my work and columns.
Since this is not an official blog, i also get to do fun stuff like add pictures, opinion and comments, blissfully oblivious to word counts and editors.
I’m not a very disciplined blogger, which means it’s sometimes sporadic – so please bear with me.


17 responses to “About

  1. Nice blog…..at last you got back to blogging

  2. Hello.
    I’m an avid reader of all your articles in the Hindu and I just love the way you write! And by chance I visited your blog.
    I love it!

    It has nice personal-y feel-y approach to it.


    Keep up the good work!


  3. hello.
    I am a regular reader of our articles in the Hindu and i love ’em all.
    By chance I came upon your blog and I must say, its very interesting! You write really well!

    Keep up the good work.

    Btw i LOVE the Reluctant Gourmet!


  4. Veena

    Dear Sonali, I am into venturing a exclusive culinary portal for Indian Food & Lifestyle. I am also planning to release a Culinary magazine. I am looking for writers, columnist to help with my Venture. Please let me know , if this is something you wil be interested to work with. Thank you.

  5. i’ve been a delighted fan of two writers, you and indu balachandran, and i’ve already confessed to indu some time ago. this blog is a discovery!
    ( hardly call it stalking, though! )

  6. thanks, shonali, you made my day.
    and loved the kashmir experience.

  7. rp

    bumped into your blog after i decided to follow the metrotweet breadcrumbs, pg. 8 on metroplus. I am more of a wordie than a foodie. Love your take and keeping it ‘satyameva jayate’ real.

    sho-case huh… not chowcase? eeks. nothings reeks like a bad pun. not even petite muenster.


  8. Madhu

    Hi Shonali!

    I am a complete foodie and I jus luv your reviews!! But I was wondering if you could review this great little restaurant nearby, Flamingo in Velachery ..It opened jus a few months back..

    Madhu 🙂

  9. Kartik

    Hey Shonali,

    Formally speaking I joined that elite group of people who can proudly call themselves your stalker only today. But I have been your admirer for a long time now. It is my humble desire to meet you and accompany you on one of your reluctant gourmet trips to an unexplored restaurant in the city. Keeping my fingers crossed for that day to come. Until that will keep “stalking” you!!!

  10. Hello Shonali,

    Good Morning

    We came across your blog & facebook page while looking for great bloggers.
    And really liked your blog https://shonalimuthalaly.com/. The kind of engagement, food pictures and choice of dishes is very innovative. ( liked the Thai Safari a lot)

    We would like to connect with you to discuss about out an affiliate program.

    Thank You.


  11. Johnson Caleb Nadar

    Hi, Iam in food business, i liked your review in food concepts , we are in the final stage of finishing a food concept in Chennai, near OMR, how could i reach you for an article in Hindu.

  12. Hi Shonali! I love your blog and am interested in learning more about your work. I am based in the United States, but spend a lot of time in India and most of my writing is India-centric. I would love to touch base with you re blogging and writing… My email address is shainashealy@gmail.com.

  13. Lalitha

    Hi Shonali,

    Just wanted to write to you and say I really enjoy reading your columns in metro plus especially your food reviews. I somehow feel when it comes to food and movies one can totally go blindly for the reviews in metro plus…I love the way you right, with the right amt of honesty and homour…keep up the good work.


  14. Raju

    I like your articles interestingly…..

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